Don’t want to write: Submissions

A lesson I’ve learned from compiling and sending out submissions—FYI, I haven’t done many, so don’t count this as experience—is that they mark the end of a chapter (LOL). With their sending, a page is turned—alright I’ll stop—in your career as a wannabe author. That novel is finished and can be put away to gather dust. It means you can move on to your next work, which is almost always going to be better than the one you’ve submitted. Unless you’re—I don’t know—me.

Does that mean you should never come back to that work? I’m assuming your categorical failure, of course, but it’s my blog, so you’re all failures, like me. No, it doesn’t, because by moving on and writing Goddammit, you’ll get better at your craft. So when you do decide to revisit your failure, you can do so a more accomplished writer. You’ll spot the errors, and know how to fix the fucking things.

This is the lesson I’ve learned from submitting. It’s not about the work just completed—it’s about the one you’re yet to write.

*Sighs, wearily opens a fresh document of pain*


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