Nice is the spice of life

My WIP is, at the moment, simply a W. I’ve hit the brick wall. You know, the brick wall, the one your head is stuck so deeply in, no matter how firmly you plant your feet and yank, there’s no getting free. However, it is with some consolation that I’m reading with wanton abandon, free […]

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Draft 0

More difficult to advise on is what comes before the first draft. Ideas are all well and good, but they require tangibility of the kind that needs to come before

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Don’t want to write: Idea Generation

Where do ideas come from? Your teachers will tell you from unheard conversations, of which you only have snippets; odd stories from history or the present day, tales without resolution where the characters’ motivations are unclear; and downright hard work, sleeves rolled up and your sweat and tears soiling your notebook. These are all true, […]

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Don’t want to write: Submissions

A lesson I’ve learned from compiling and sending out submissions—FYI, I haven’t done many, so don’t count this as experience—is that they mark the end of a chapter (LOL). With their sending, a page is turned—alright I’ll stop—in your career as a wannabe author. That novel is finished and can be put away to gather […]

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